Software Engineering Management Books

Accelerate: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations

This book takes a scientific approach to uncovering 24 key capabilities that make technology organization successful. It popularized the 4 key metrics which have become almost an industry standard for measuring DevOps performance.

Team Topologies

This is a great exploration of different ways to organize technology organizations. There is no silver bullet, but this covers much of what you’d want to think about depending on the size of your organization and what you’re optimizing for.

Making Work Visible

If you’ve ever been on a team that felt like it was constantly working hard, but not really moving forward, this is a great read. This will help you identify causes of “time theft” and introduce strategies for dealing with it.

Software Engineering Quick Resources

  • DevOps Quick Check - On a new team, or starting an initiative of improvement? This is a good tool to see where you stand today and where you might need to focus on improvement!
  • Awesome Leading & Managing - A robust collection of resources for managers and leaders.
  • 5-15 Report - A great practice for promoting alignment and general information sharing