Local VPN Setup with UniFi Security Gateway

Background Many people use a VPN to access their corporate network, but there are a couple reasons you might also want to utilize a VPN outside of work: A VPN is essentially an encrypted tunnel between you and a remote server. This protects your web browsing and other traffic from prying eyes on shared wifi networks. A VPN can be used to securely access resources on your home network when you’re not at home. Continue reading

Keychron K1 Keyboard

I’ve been a long time user of whatever Apple’s “default” external keyboard is. Most recently the Wireless Magic Keyboard and before that the wired Apple Keyboard with number pad. They’ve served me well over the years, but over the past year Jason Snell and others have led me down the path of re-discovering mechanical keyboards. After a brief experiment with the Vortex Race 3, I came across the recently released Keychron K1 and decided to give it a try because of it’s unique combination of features: Continue reading